The Future of Sim

The Future of Simulation is here. Experience the potential of simulation training across Extended Realities (XR) unleashed by Argento Simulations

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Simulation That Works

Reduce costs in time and money by using a system that just works. No more clunky interfaces, incomplete instructions, or scattered systems that don’t fit together. We build our systems to work right out of the box with the click of a button.

Just Add Human

Our sims are designed to simply work. What does that mean for you? Get to the training faster so all you have to do is: Just Add Human.

Digital Twins

Our 3D models and physical controllers are built from real world sources. Train on the same equipment you’re expected to use every day. 

Games as Simulation

We build simulations like we build games. Intuitive interfaces, menus, and integrated apps mean you won’t have to dig through piles of manuals to get it to work.

Networked Ecosystem

Our multiuser environment allows you to access additional resources and more training partners for a broader range of simulation scenarios and collaboration.

AI Powered

We combined high end graphics and generative AI to deliver the best in immersive simulations to create living characters rather than cardboard cut outs.

Extended Realities Are the Future of …

Essentially everything. The internet is not the end of the evolution of the information age and businesses and communities are growing across multiple realities from social media in the browser and on different apps to ones that cross multiple realities including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These Extended Realities (XR) will define the future of how we do just about everything from shopping to entertainment, healthcare, learning, and staying connected as a global community. 

Video Games as Communities

  • Video Games are storytelling mediums with interaction far beyond books and movies
  • Games created shared storylines in real time with each user experiencing their own thread
  • Customizing everything from clothes to the world you envision is possible in games
  • Communities are proven to extend the engagement and interest of individual gamers

Constructive Training Simulations

Games Reimagined as Simulation

The perceived gap between training scenarios and video games is constantly shrinking. Virtual Reality “simulations” are little more than games with a specific and tailored purposes aligning to standard genres. 

Real Time Strategy (RTS) ⇒ Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Layers

First Person Shooter (FPS) ⇒ Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Extended Reality in Simulation

Many agencies use VR training scenarios to reduce costs and present training that would be otherwise too dangerous to create. Mixing physical and digital training opportunities has been pursued by the US Military for many years with “constructive” scenarios existing simultaneously with physical training. 

Augmented Reality (AR) ⇒ Mixed physical and digital realities

Virtual Reality (VR) ⇒ Fully digital experience

eCommerce Experiences

Product Integration, Not Just Placement

  • 9Customers want value from the products, brands, and platforms with which they interact
  • 9XR unleashes the ability to provide digital rewards alongside the physical products and services purchased by users
  • 9Games provide extended value across physical and digital realities by enhancing loyalty and product integration
  • 9Drive your next car purchase in your favorite racing game or using it as your primary mode of transportation

Games as Simulation Development

We see training as more than business software. Our background in game development means we understand that performance, graphics, user experience, and user interfaces require next level quality to create an intuitive product that just works right out of the box. Don’t waste time on setup, instruction, or stressing over getting the system to work. Just like you expect to pick up a video game and play, you can expect to just pick up our simulation and train.

This also creates opportunities for dual use of our simulation software as standalone games. Learn more about how we create Physics Based Rulesets for our games to create an entire universe.


Ready to use Argento?

Contact us to discuss a free demo and consultation on how you can use our system to enhance training, planning, assessing, and collaboration. We’re ready to provide you with next generation simulation services. Our easy to use platform just works. All you have to do is: Just Add Human.