Simulation is Evolutionary

Simulation is meant to mimic physical reality environments and interactions to prepare individuals for situations that range from the routine to those no one has ever encountered before. Your simulation system should match this concept and sadly, most do not. A great simulation system should be able to present routine, predictable, repetitive scenarios while also being able to stretch the mind, potential reactions, and ways of thinking about your professional skill set. It should never create negative training that contributes to the atrophy of critical thinking or encourages complacency. That is why we built our AI-powered simulation system combined with VR in a way that completely immerses a person in the training environment. 

Simulation is More Than Training

Not only do we provide opportunities to take training to the next level, but also a test bed for new ways of thinking, planning, and operating. We’re able to push the limits of conventional thinking and test new tactics and procedures before introducing them to the field. Simulation gives the opportunity to make mistakes in an environment where you can measure the success, failure, or level of risk before it hits the physical world. Our networked solution also provides opportunities to share these ideas with others beyond written communication in a fully realized environment that can be shaped to fit your needs.


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