Networked Ecosystem

Enhance Your Training Opportunities with Our Networked Ecosystem

A Fire Department in Kansas can connect to a Police Department in Texas while connecting to a Paramedic in Denver all with our Networked Ecosystem. Other simulators struggle to fit within a small space and would never dream of integrating a significant number of actors across vast distances. Leveraging our extensive multiplayer replication and networking experience, we’re building an entire online platform that will allow geographically separated teams to instantly connect and cross pollinate lessons learned, best practices, and culture to better prepare for future joint operations.

Build a Larger Training Audience

Not only can you train within your own department, but imagine being able to add other services including EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement. Now, imagine adding in multiple layers of agencies and the amount of money saved by not having to host all of those personnel in one location. Our platform will allow you to develop these scenarios on the fly without significant amounts of preparation and logistics. Want to host your own virtual training seminar? We can replicate physical locations for you. Want to train with non-player character crowds that don’t require a mass amount of people to operate or attend? We can provide NPC crowds as well.

Train Locally or Across the World

Deploying a team elsewhere in response to a disaster or simple trying to get ahead of the next problem before it strikes? We can help you develop scenarios for a wide range of contingencies. If you’re deploying with multiple teams from different locations, why not train remotely, together, before you even show up? By training virtually and remotely, you can cut down on friction between expectations and cultural differences while familiarizing yourself with the terrain and local procedures. Reduce the noise and get focused on the mission. Take your training system and operationalize it.


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