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Additive Artificial Intelligence

The rise in AI-powered or enabled applications can sometimes feel like a gimmick, or worse, unnecessary and simply act as bloat for the platform. We’ve partnered with Convai to build fully immersive and interactive characters within our training simulations. Rather than simple scripted actors that can’t react or improvise, we’re creating entire libraries and knowledge bases based on real world scenarios and targeted learning objectives.

The More You Train, the Better it Gets

Using Language Learning Models (LLM) and Behavior Trees we can tweak the behavior of the AI to meet your needs. The AI continues to develop as you interact with it meaning that it only gets better over time. We can also add more knowledge to individual and collective libraries to help tailor the model to your region and locale. We can also set specific triggers up to give you the results that you need for more predictive results.

Sometimes You Want Scripted Scenarios

We can also create specific, scripted scenarios that have personalities that won’t deviate from your learning objectives. When you need initial training and want replication in your trainees, we can tailor the scenario to meet those needs as well. Want to flex between in-service and recruit or evaluation scenarios? We can provide that.


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