We Build Worlds

Whether we’re building applications that serve business functions for organizations of all shapes and sizes or systems meant to entertain, we engage in serious fun. Creating immersive environments across the full spectrum of application derives from our love of games and the process of creating them. Our driving motivation is to create value for our customers and sometimes that means it takes an extra level of effort to deliver on that promise. Games allow us to fully explore our creativity and express a deeper sense of storytelling. Even in business software there are stories to be told and that often leads to us being able to identify significant dual use applications.

We Created Our Own Universe

All of our stories take place within the same universe and follow the story of humanity as it reaches for the stars and the heavens beyond. Each of our games are set within that same universe and are connected through a series of events that tie everything together in the end. While the settings may appear to be wildly different at first glance, there is always more going on in the grand scheme of things. We also explore our universe through multiple mediums including video games, novels, and tabletop rulesets that we will continually publish projects under.


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