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A Rules System Powering an Entire Universe

With a standardized template for attributes, skills, weapon damage, and armor values all based around the physics of the actions taken by characters we have created a common reference system upon which we build our games. As we develop our own games, we are working to make the rule set available for tabletop play ranging from grand strategy spread across multiple tables down to a skirmish style RPG played around a single kitchen table. The same rules that apply to historical regiments of miniatures also extend to massive sci-fi hordes and quests tailored to your mighty band of adventurers.

Attributes and Their Effects

Attributes are broken down into Physical, Mental, and Endurance categories each with an Active and Passive sub-category to give us the six basic values we use to calculate skill checks. By assigning an active and a passive stat to three categories of actions we are designing a physics based system that can accommodate nearly any potential skill check. Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles all have stat tables that are derived from the combination of these attributes and affect the outcome of combat and skill checks. Our system also allows for offensive and defensive rolls to allow players and NPCs to describe actions rather than a single roll against a static value. This roll and counter roll system allows for more engaging and dynamic storytelling as players don’t just sit back and hope for the best when the DM rolls; you get a vote in how the round plays out with your own dice.

Physical Attributes

  • Strength (Active)
  • Fortitude (Passive)

Mental Abilities

  • Acuity (Active)
  • Willpower (Passive)

Endurance Abilities

  • Agility (Active)
  • Stamina (Passive)

Affinities Replace Character Classes

In place of the typical class archetypes we utilize an affinity system that describes what your character is naturally inclined to focus on in terms of skills and attributes. Rather than penalize you for attempting to fill a role in your party, we give you bonuses for skills that fall within your chosen affinities. In our video games you skill up faster in these areas and in our tabletop games you get bonuses to your skill checks against a baseline from your attributes. Anyone can bandage a wound, but those with a medical affinity gain bonuses. We don’t restrict you from taking any action in our world, but if you’re not skilled in it you may want to check with the rest of the party before you start firing that piece of artillery or jump in the front seat to drive your newly minted spaceship. 


Affinities also work for mass scale armies by providing simple references to roles played by infantry, medics, artillerists, officers, commanders, or NCOs by combining with the basic attribute system to generate army lists that can be generalized for quick play or drilled down into for a fully customized battalion you take into battle. Balancing fun with complexity is one of the core challenges of creating a rule system and we present you with boiler plate tables of stats to jump right into the game while also equipping you with the tools to get down into the details and develop your own lists all while ensuring a balance set of mechanics for tournament and match style games.

Sometimes You’re Just On Your Own

We remember the old “choose your own adventure” books and thought it would cool to take it to the next level. Sometimes you just want to play a solo adventure and experience a story that is self-DM’d, but why write that module for yourself when you already know all the outcomes? Well, why not play through our selection of stories when you’re in between game nights or on your own and bored? Our skill check system allows for you to roll for yourself and your NPC enemies. The modules tell you what happens and based on the outcome of your dice rolls for you and your own party of NPCs, the adventure progresses on its own, the same way those books worked. Rolls of the dice drive the NPCs’ decisions, so the modules are even replayable.


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