Digital Twins

Train Like You Operate with Digital Twins

Using Epic’s Reality Scan, and in partnership with several vendors, we’re able to recreate the exact equipment you’ll use during your daily operations. This even goes beyond equipment as we can create any physical location with its own Digital Twin as well. We’re only limited by our access to physical objects. Want your department’s vehicles, equipment, and even personnel to have their own Digital Twins? We can deliver on all of that.

Reality Capture Showreel 2022

Not only can you use the equipment digitally, but thanks to our distributors, we can also deliver that same equipment right to you.

Digital Twins Let You Try Before You Buy

Want to try a specific piece of equipment? If it isn’t already in our catalog, we’re more than happy to reach out to our vendor network and acquire the digital version for you to try out for yourself. If you’re satisfied we’ll connect you to the vendor and facilitate any acquisition requirements you might have. We’ll even connect you to our Grant Writing Team to see if your State or the Federal Government have funds to cover your purchase.


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