Games as Simulation

Get More Out of Training with Games as Simulation

We’re not the first to think of the concept, but with our years of experience as game developers, gamers, trainees, trainers, and simulation operators, it makes the most sense to us to combine the development process and principles associated with high quality video games to build the next generation of simulation software. We don’t treat your training program as just another app or Software-As-A-Service (SAAS); that’s business software. We want to provide all of the qualities associated with next generation video games; amazing and realistic graphics, high performance, constant updates, and a significant amount of content. By delivering training as if it were a video game, we also ensure that the User Experience is intuitive and can be picked up with little to no additional training. In other words, it just works.

It Just Works

Save your studying guides and technical manuals for job knowledge, not your training system. We ship complete systems that only require you to plug it in and power it up. Click a few buttons and launch right into your scenarios; that’s the magic of creating everything like a game that should just work right out of the box. Let us handle developing the User Experience to a level that frees you up from having to spend countless hours configuring a system that should have done all of that already. We’ll get you up and running quickly so you can get down to what matters: training.

Games as Simulation Means Just Add Human

In addition to just working and deploying quickly, we also want users to be able to pick it up and go. Everything should function exactly as it does in physical reality. Pick up a service weapon and it should function exactly as you would expect. In our simulations when you rack the slide, the round does what you expect. When you operate your radio, it does exactly what you expect. No more scripting assists or having a trainer step in to explain the situation because the simulation can’t handle it. As former sim operators and scenario script writers, we hate the term “sim-isms” as much as anyone else and that’s why we’re actively designing them out of our system. Don’t accept that it isn’t possible just because others can’t figure out how to make it work. We design our Simulations as Games, meaning, it needs to just work so that all you have to do is, Just Add Human.


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